Understanding Modern Customer Data Platforms

Reshma Mote and Sandeep Pradhan delve into CDP challenges and solutions at the Data Engineering Summit.
Sandeep Pradhan

The Data Engineering Summit 2024 held in Bengaluru showcased some of the most innovative approaches in managing and leveraging data, particularly focusing on the challenges and solutions within modern Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). Two prominent speakers from MathCo, Reshma Mote and Sandeep Pradhan, offered deep insights into their experiences and strategies for addressing these challenges.

Creating a Unified Customer Platform

Reshma Mote, Senior Associate in Data Engineering at MathCo, kicked off the session by outlining the complexities and necessities of building a Unified Customer Platform. With extensive experience in developing data-intensive applications, Reshma emphasized the critical need for organizations to harness disparate data sources effectively. She highlighted the core objectives of their project: to unify terabytes of data from various platforms including real-time, online/offline sales, website interactions, and social media.

Challenges in Data Unification

Reshma identified several key challenges, including fragmented data leading to inaccurate customer segmentation, compliance risks due to decentralized data management, and the complexities of maintaining accurate data attribution across diverse channels. These challenges underscored the importance of creating a comprehensive Customer 360° view, essential for targeted marketing and personalized customer engagement.

Strategies and Solutions

To address these challenges, Reshma discussed their approach of unifying customer data through a modern Customer Data Platform (CDP). Central to their strategy was leveraging Apache Spark as a core technology, supported by MathCo’s proprietary accelerators. These tools enabled real-time data processing, compliance with data governance regulations, and facilitated robust customer analytics for effective business outcomes.

Key Outcomes

The implementation of their CDP resulted in significant outcomes such as a unified Customer 360° view, personalized marketing experiences, and improved data accuracy through a single source of truth. Reshma emphasized the critical role of these outcomes in enhancing customer targeting, increasing ROI, and ensuring compliance with data privacy laws.

Architecting Scalable Data Platforms

Following Reshma’s presentation, Sandeep Pradhan, Manager in Data Engineering at MathCo, delved deeper into the technical aspects of their Customer Data Platform architecture. Sandeep highlighted the intricacies of designing scalable data pipelines and the importance of robust data governance and security measures.

Technical Architecture of a CDP

Sandeep illustrated the architecture of their CDP, showcasing its complexity and the integration of various services and tools essential for data processing and governance. He emphasized the role of cloud-native storage solutions and efficient data models in ensuring scalability and performance.

Challenges and Solutions in Data Processing

Discussing the challenges inherent in processing vast amounts of data, Sandeep explored how Apache Spark addresses these challenges. He elaborated on Spark’s capabilities in handling large-scale data aggregation, real-time processing, and complex data linkage tasks crucial for maintaining a unified customer view.

Optimizing Data Operations

Sandeep shared best practices for optimizing data operations within a CDP, including the use of Delta Lake for AC transactions, streamlining batch and real-time data processing, and leveraging Spark’s integration capabilities with other data processing frameworks like Flink and Pandas.

Building the Accelerator

Highlighting their innovation, Sandeep introduced MathCo’s custom-built accelerator designed to enhance their CDP’s capabilities further. This accelerator included components for data standardization, compliance, and advanced analytics, empowering both technical teams and business users with actionable insights.


In conclusion, the talks by Reshma Mote and Sandeep Pradhan at the Data Engineering Summit 2024 provided a comprehensive overview of the challenges, strategies, and technical solutions involved in building and managing modern Customer Data Platforms. Their insights into leveraging Apache Spark and innovative accelerators underscored the pivotal role of robust data engineering in driving business success through informed decision-making and enhanced customer experiences.

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