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Tailored Learning Journeys

Each course is structured to facilitate both beginners and seasoned professionals, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of AI applications and innovations.

Hands-on Experience with Cloud Labs

Your team will engage in practical exercises, building and testing their own AI models in a controlled, cloud-based environment.

Learn from the Best

Our courses are led by industry veterans and experts in AI and Generative AI, ensuring that your team receives insights from the forefront of AI research and application.

Competitive Edge through Hackathons

Our platform hosts AI-focused hackathons and challenges, allowing your team to apply their newly acquired skills in competitive settings.

Learn how our collaboration with Genpact paid off

We collaborated with Genpact to design an industry first AI program to bridge the gap between academic learning and dynamic demands of today’s AI industry.

How it works

Assess Your Team’s Needs

You’ll have access to an initial assessment tool designed to evaluate your team’s current AI and Generative AI knowledge levels and identify specific learning goals.

Customize Your Learning Pathways

This includes selecting courses that range from basic AI principles to advanced Generative AI applications, tailored to fill knowledge gaps and meet your team’s objectives.

Engage with Interactive Content and Cloud Labs

The Cloud Labs environment allows learners to apply what they've learned by working on real AI projects and using AI tools, providing a practical understanding of how AI solutions are developed and deployed.

Participate in Hackathons and Collaborative Projects

To complement individual learning, our platform hosts hackathons and collaborative projects focused on AI and Generative AI. These activities encourage learners to apply their knowledge in team settings, fostering innovation and teamwork.

Track Progress and Achieve Certification

Throughout the learning journey, team leaders and learners can track progress through our dashboard, which provides insights into course completions, skills acquired, and areas for improvement. Upon completing the courses and passing the assessments, learners will receive certifications that validate their AI and Generative AI expertise.

AI Upskilling at Scale

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