Assessment platform
to measure critical
AI skills

Conduct Customized Online Assessments on our Powerful Cloud-based
Platform, Secured with Best-in-class Proctoring

Dive into Customizable Assessments, Real-World Coding Challenges, and Comprehensive Skills Analysis

Tailor Your Evaluations with AI-Focused Assessments, Coding Challenges, and In-Depth Skills Insights.

Domain based MCQ’s

Assessing knowledge depth through targeted questions tailored to specific subject areas.

Coding Skills

Evaluating proficiency in programming languages and problem-solving abilities through targeted multiple-choice questions.

Custom Assessment

Tailored evaluations focusing on AI and Generative AI, designed to gauge proficiency and innovation in advanced technologies.

Detailed Report

Comprehensive insights providing in-depth analysis and feedback on performance, aiding in understanding strengths and areas for improvement.

Fully Customizable

Tailor assessments precisely to your organization's needs, ensuring alignment with specific skillsets and objectives.

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"This is a good way to test last mile optimisation skill sets. We will test the rest in the interviews."

- Kiran R - Senior Director

How it works?

Streamlining AI assessment processes for efficient candidate evaluation.

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Create Assessment with no hassle

Simplify assessment creation for AI-focused evaluations, minimizing administrative burden.

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Select from MH Library

Access a curated library of AI-related content for comprehensive assessment design.

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Add Custom questions to your Assessment - MCQ

Incorporate tailored multiple-choice questions into AI assessments for targeted evaluation.

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Custom questions to your Assessment - Coding

Integrate customized coding challenges into AI assessments to assess practical skills.

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Customize your Assessment

Tailor assessments to specific AI competencies, ensuring relevance and accuracy.

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Invite unlimited user to the assessment

Scale AI evaluations effortlessly by inviting an unlimited number of users for assessment.

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User Enters Required Details

Facilitate seamless user engagement by collecting essential information for AI assessments.

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Cleanest interface with code for developer

Provide developers with a sleek interface featuring clean code for intuitive navigation and interaction.

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Detailed user Assessment report

Generate comprehensive reports offering detailed insights into users' AI proficiency and performance.

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