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Our Developers Advocacy offering is designed specifically for AI developers and teams, engaging them in a dynamic ecosystem where they can earn points, achieve milestones, and complete AI-driven projects.

These achievements are proudly displayed on a real-time leaderboard, not only tracking progress but also fostering a competitive yet collaborative environment among the brightest minds in AI development.

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Introduce your innovative vision to a global network of AI developers and technologists. By spotlighting your company's culture, projects, and technological advancements, you attract and build a loyal following. This visibility makes your brand highly desirable to upcoming and established AI talent, enhancing your reputation as a key player in the AI revolution.

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Showcase your brand as an epicenter of innovation and opportunity within the AI and Generative AI sectors. By engaging directly with AI developers through tailored challenges and showcasing your company's contributions to the AI landscape, you solidify your position as a beacon for tech talent seeking to make significant impacts.

Accelerate your tech talent acquisition

Leverage our platform to amplify your employer brand and streamline the recruitment of top AI talent. Our tailored approach not only increases your visibility among AI professionals but also shortens the hiring cycle by connecting you with candidates who are already engaged and familiar with your brand's mission and values.

Crowdsource innovation through community collaboration

Fuel breakthroughs by harnessing the collective genius of our community, where collaboration sparks unparalleled innovation.

Our Developer Advocacy Offerings

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Empowering AI Developers to Shape the Future with Cutting-Edge Hackathons and Community Collaboration

Learn how we collaborated with Government of India to Empower Indian Languages with Bhasha Techathon.

Developer Communities

In our mission to foster growth and innovation within the AI community, we've dedicated efforts to create vibrant, collaborative spaces that bring together the brightest minds in the field. An exemplar of this commitment is the establishment of the AI Forum for India, developed in collaboration with Nvidia.

This platform serves as a cornerstone for AI enthusiasts, researchers, and professionals across India, providing a rich environment for knowledge exchange, networking, and the advancement of AI technologies.

Developer Meetups

Through our AI Developer Meetups, we've established a dynamic arena for creators and innovators to converge, share insights, and forge the future of artificial intelligence together. A shining example of our commitment to nurturing this vibrant community is DevPalooza, our monthly developer gathering.

DevPalooza offers workshops, talks, and collaborative sessions led by pioneers in the field. It's a platform where ideas are exchanged, partnerships are formed, and the next generation of AI breakthroughs are ignited.

AI Developer Summits

In our pursuit to celebrate and accelerate the achievements within the artificial intelligence sector, we organize the AI Developer Summit, a premier event that epitomizes the pinnacle of AI innovation and collaboration. A prime example of our efforts to lead the conversation on generative AI and its transformative potential is MLDS, the Generative AI Summit.

MLDS stands as a landmark gathering, drawing together thought leaders, pioneers, and practitioners from around the globe to delve into the latest advancements, applications, and ethical considerations of generative AI.

Reach and engage our global AI community

Showcase Your AI Innovations

Elevate your presence among a global audience of developers, enhancing visibility and sparking interest in your products and services.

Attract Elite AI Talent

Boost your brand's appeal on a global scale to draw in the world's most skilled technology professionals.

Crowdsource Innovation

Fuel breakthroughs by harnessing the collective genius of our community, where collaboration sparks unparalleled innovation.​

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