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Our Learning Management System is expertly tailored for organizations that prioritize AI as a key differentiator, aiming to deliver unparalleled AI learning experiences for their employees.

Why MachineHack LMS

Online courses from experts

Dedicated Platform only for AI Developers

Over 500+ high quality topics

Dedicated in person Training

What you get

Unlock Comprehensive AI Mastery: Over 100 Courses, 250 Assessments, 1000+ Practices, Custom Playgrounds, and 200+ Expert Blogs Tailored for Advanced AI/ML Learning.


Online video courses on curated topics from experts


AI Tests for participants to test their AI skills


high quality curated practices on AI


Seamlessly crafted to blend all activities into a daily learning schedule


Technical Learning Content to be consumed company wide

What you get

An all -in-one platform to train engage, and assess your AI teams

AI Courses

MachineHack courses offer comprehensive,hands‑on learning in data science, AI, and machine learning. With 40+ hours of expert‑led content, real‑world projects, and personalized mentorship, these courses empower you to master key skills and excel in the dynamic field of technology.

AI Assessment

MachineHack assessments provide challenging real‑world data science problems. Through competitions, participants showcase skills, learn from diverse datasets, and compete globally, fostering growth and recognition within the data science community.

AI Practice

MachineHack's practice platform offers a rich array of data science challenges. With diverse datasets and varying difficulty levels, practitioners refine their skills, experiment with models, and prepare for real-world scenarios in a dynamic learning environment.

AI Blogs

MachineHack's insightful blogs delve into the latest trends, techniques, and innovations in data science and AI. Featuring expert perspectives, practical tips, and industry insights, they empower enthusiasts and professionals alike.

AI Playground

MachineHack's Playground is a dynamic arena where data enthusiasts explore, experiment, and hone their skills. With an array of datasets and tools, users can engage in hands‑on learning, fostering creativity and expertise in data science.


MachineHack's Playground Leaderboards showcase top‑performing data enthusiasts. It's a competitive yet collaborative space where participants measure their skills against global talent, gaining recognition and fostering a vibrant community of data science excellence.

Recent topics to learn

How you’ll empower your AI teams

Master the most in-demand AI skills

Teams tackle diverse datasets, applying theory to real challenges, refining machine learning skills through practical problem-solving in real-time scenarios.

Support your team’s AI upskilling efforts

Teams undergo regular assessments, receiving feedback and benchmarks, aiding progress tracking, fostering continuous improvement, and enhancing skills through insightful evaluations and challenges.

Put new AI skills to practice

Teams access tailored courses, spanning foundational to advanced concepts, fostering upskilling and keeping updated with AI and ML trends and methodologies.

"This is a good way to test last mile optimisation skill sets. We will test the rest in the interviews."

- Kiran R - Senior Director

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