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Proctoring Solutions

Conduct On-Site or Remote Interviews In An Advanced Coding Environment

Transform Your AI Skill Assessments with Advanced Tools

Automate Your Interview Process, Elevate AI skill evaluations with cutting-edge, integrated tools for comprehensive, precise assessments.

01 Seamless Pair Programming Using Integrated Coding Simulator

02 Comprehensive assessments using feedback from multiple rounds

03 Digital ideation using Inbuilt Interactive Whiteboard and Notepad

04 Real-time Code Collaboration with Version Control Integration

05 Performance Analytics for Personalized Feedback and Improvement

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Holistic Evaluations

Customized for AI Job Role and Industry

Simulate real dev work during the Assessments

It Automates Your Interview Process, Allowing You To Test Coding Skills In Real-time

Create a superior candidate experience

Gain a stronger signal of skill

Gather deeper candidate insights

Assess the trust factor - verify the authenticity of candidate

Measure skills for in-demand roles

Access proctored evaluations for skills like Generative AI with features built for these roles, including a build tool, package manager, filesystem, interactive preview, and mobile device emulator.

Set your candidates up for success

Provide candidates with an environment that feels just like coding locally, including an intuitive UI and tools they use on the job, such as a built-in terminal, native whiteboard

Reduce Fraud with structured interviews

Combat Fraud with AI-Enhanced Structured Interviews, Ensuring Authenticity and Integrity in Candidate Evaluations.

Collaborate effortlessly with candidates

Effortlessly Collaborate with AI-Supported Tools, Facilitating Seamless Interaction and Cooperation with Candidates.

Assess candidate performance objectively

Objectively Assess Candidate Performance with AI-Driven Metrics, Ensuring Fairness and Accuracy in Evaluations.

Built for enterprise

Premium AI Question Library

Ensure your interviewers are evaluating candidates fairly and consistently by using interview templates for each role.

Target Many AI Roles

Choose from our question library, create your own, or import your GitHub repo

Shareable Replay

Review interview results, with your hiring team

Frequently Asked

Yes, candidates can collaborate seamlessly using AI-supported tools such as shared whiteboards and notepads, enhancing teamwork and problem-solving abilities.
Yes, assessments are designed to evaluate proficiency in AI-related areas, including machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision, ensuring relevance to the role.
Absolutely, stringent security measures, including data encryption and access controls, are implemented to safeguard candidate information and ensure privacy throughout the evaluation process.
Yes, our platform provides detailed AI-generated feedback reports, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement based on objective assessment criteria.
Our platform allows for extensive customization, enabling organizations to tailor assessments to the unique requirements of AI-related positions and industry standards.

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